Coach & Assistant Coach Application

     Interested in coaching?  Please fill out the info and plan to attend the meeting. All R.O.M. coaches will receive background checks. Head Coaches must be members of First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks, this requirement is not necessary for Assistant Coaches or other volunteers. 

      If you have coached R.O.M. in the last year this online application below will give us sufficient information for a background check renewal.  If not, then the long form is needed.  Please download, print, fill-out, and return this long form (Click Here) with a copy of your driver's license.  You may ask to copy your license at the church office, if needed.    

      Upon successful screening, head coaches will be eligible for a 25% registration fee discount per team coached.  Click pay by check or cash during online registration.  Your discount will be applied when you meet criteria.  We will apply the discount so you can later process via credit card (or by check/cash on regsitration day). Both head and assistant coaches will receive a coach shirt and a plaque with the team picture.


All who wish to coach in R.O.M., whether you're a returning coach or new to the league, need to attend the coaches meeting.



90 minutes or less training session comprised of three parts:

1. Update on R.O.M. rules of the sport.

2. Share our R.O.M. expectations of coaching. 

3. Collect team names, uniform colors, and practice nights.



Soccer – Sunday, August, 14th 1:30-3:00PM

Baseball – Sunday, October 23rd 1:30-3:00PM

Basketball – Sunday, January 29th 1:30-3:00PM

Smiley’s Coffeehouse on the corner of the campus of First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks.  It is within sight of Dominoes Pizza on Ulmerton.


We have a desired experience for every player and their family. Inasmuch as we can influence the training and competing environments, we strive to provide excellence.

Personal Information
Previous Coaching experience

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Training and Experience:

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